Unlocking Your Style eBook

Unlocking Your Style Ebook

Thirty days of exercises to unleash your creativity

READY to Uncover your personal style? 

So when people ask me, "How do I create my own style?" I tell them this... It's not about creating your style. It's about UNCOVERING what's already there, buried deep inside. Everyone already has their own style – they just don't know what it is yet. Most of us have spent our entire lives putting ourselves on the backburner – which means we've never spent time uncovering ANY parts of ourselves, let alone our painting style. Painting is a great way to help you discover yourself + express the exciting things you uncover about yourself. While some people write in a journal to figure out who they are, painting is like a non-verbal form of expression and self-exploration. 


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“Besides the wonderful illustrations, I love that you have broken down the exercises into very do-able, concise, understandable blocks. As a beginner, I have been able to focus on one thing without getting overwhelmed. It's also relaxing, and I can return to this over and over. Loving it. I would buy it in print form!” ~Laura Shapiro  

“I love the ebook. I can use it as a reference tool anytime, complete the exercises at my leisure, and print it to follow and take notes when a reference is made to any of the material during your live messages. I also like the fact that I can always go back to it as a refresher or a reinforcement when I need motivation...Thank you for your interest in all artists that are out here working towards their personal goals in whatever way they choose. Your encouragement and enthusiasm is welcomed, always.” ~Phyllis Thomason  

This downloadable digital PDF guides you through some of the same “Style School” exercises inside of my signature program Garden Party. This eBook was created as a bonus for members who joined Garden Party at the pay in full price, and is now being offered for purchase separately.  

“Unlocking Your Style Ebook” is now available through a beautiful, user-friendly, downloadable 53-page PDF.  

The ebook program includes thirty unique exercises, creative resources and enough inspiration to either keep you busy for a monthly intensive or can be spread out weekly for a year. It’s all up to you!  

No specific art materials are required, but charcoal, a sketchbook, some basic coloring supplies of your choice and a sharpie are recommended. A complete list of some of my favorite materials for creating my mixed media florals can be found HERE.  

You will also be granted access to the Mixed Media Mastermind facebook community for additional peer support, friendship and love.

“I liked the exercises, especially the scribble ones and colouring them in. Even though I do paint upside down a lot, your technique of using a black white photo and a Sharpie really helped to see shapes over a picture which lead to no pressure at all to make it look ‘right’. Since then I’ve made it my go to for thank you cards and birthday cards!” 

~Vicky Beths

“I have enjoyed the Unlocking Your Style E-Book. I actually printed it out and put it in my inspiration book to work on prompts and take notes on the page. I love the quick, easy style. All of your classes and materials are incredibly useable and not overwhelming.”

~Ellen Goodloe