ArtPRENEUR LIVE IN-PERSON Mastermind Experiences

Curated by Miriam Schulman, author of the bestselling art business book Artpreneur and host of The Inspiration Place podcast


The Artpreneur Mastermind is a unique opportunity to connect with other artists and creatives, gain valuable insights, and take your art business to the next level.

Events take place in different cities throughout the year.

Whichever experience you choose, you'll walk away with your creative well filled to the brim, and motivated to tackle the year ahead. You'll know exactly how to make a sustainable living from your creativity.


Hi, I'm Miriam Schulman, and as an artist and entrepreneur (aka an Artprenuer!) I understand the unique challenges that creative professionals face in building a successful business. Over the last two decades, I've honed my skills as a marketer, coach, and mentor, helping hundreds of artists to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.

My passion for art and business has led me to write the bestselling book Artpreneur, host The Inspiration Place podcast, and create coaching programs that teach the "Passion to Profit" planning framework. I've also been featured in major publications, including Entrepreneur, Forbes, and The New York Times, as well as on popular TV shows and movies.

Through these IN-PERSON Mastermind Experiences, I'll share my expertise and insights with you, and help you take your art business to the next level. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your existing business, I can provide personalized guidance and support that will help you achieve your goals and create the life and career you've always wanted.

"Boosted my confidence"

"Attending Miriam's NYC mastermind event was one of the greatest experiences as an artist and human being. The insight and coaching that I received has boosted my confidence in building and sustaining a successful art business. Being around other like minded and talented artists also made me feel right at home. I am beyond grateful for this wonderful experience."

~Kamille Adell, Middletown, NY


NEW YORK CITY - April 4, 2024

In-person mastermind events have hands down been the greatest catalyst to my own success over the years. Now that the world is opening up and New York is back, I want you to take advantage of the excitement of New York City to plan a successful year.


Value: $2,500

Early-Bird Special: $497

  • Full day of laser-focused coaching
  • Exclusive Workbook
  • Signed full-color paperback copy of Artpreneur
  • Guaranteed personalized attention
  • Goody bag ($80 value!)
  • Artpreneur Virtual Reunion
  • Snacks, treats, drinks, and coffee
  • VIP dinner





10AM - 11:30AM: Coaching (with 15 min break)

11:30AM - 12:30PM: Surprise Guest Speaker

12:30PM - 2PM: Lunch Break

2PM - 5PM: Coaching (with break)

7PM: Dinner

guest speaker TBA

*Transportation to New York and lodging are not included.

My business has literally quadrupled

"My business has literally quadrupled, and Miriam has been a key person in that journey for me. I started off with 100 email subscribers, and now I've got over 8,000 on my list. The investment that you make in yourself and your personal growth will affect the business more than any other thing."

~Ciara Gilmore, Northern Ireland


(Runs typically 2-3 hours)

Meet me for dinner or lunch and we'll talk about you and your art business- everything from where you are right now to your biggest dreams.

I'll be looking at your business before the date to make sure I come armed with personalized recommendations for you. Come hungry and leave filled with inspirational insights!

Limited to 2-5 artists make sure everyone gets the attention they need!

new York City

Metropolitan Museum of Art

In New York, we'll indulge in a 2-hour art biz coaching experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Art dining room. Includes gourmet lunch overlooking Central Park. Includes lunch and museum admission. $500

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Psst... Don't miss Van Gogh's cypresses!


From Engineer to Full-time Artist

During her time working with me, Priya got representation from two galleries on her dream list while raising her prices and building a more confident mindset.

"With Miriam's help, I doubled my prices so that I can just relax and focus on my art."

~Priya Gore, QLD, Australia

Record breaking sales

"I have had record breaking sales at my art shows. I've had record breaking orders from the galleries that I've been delivering my artwork to, and galleries are ordering more art from me and the results have been fabulous."

~Linda Doucette, Millville , PA

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Let’s not let another year slip by without turning those dreams into reality.

With the right strategy, support, and accountability you can make those dreams real.

Here's to surprising yourself with what's possible when you commit, show up, and choose to take inspired action.

You are enough. You are more than capable. And I want you to have the same confidence in your art business as you do in your incredible artwork.

You deserve to prove to yourself that you've got what it takes to make your big dreams happen.

It's my honor to show you the way.

Cheering you on always!

ALL my best,